Mommy see, Mommy do

Rookie. Newbie. First-time Mom. That’s me.  It is painfully obvious that I am not a veteran. I might as well be wearing it as a sort of scarlet letter branded across my forehead. That’s me- the one in the waiting room at the doctors office with my notepad of questions to ask the doctor. After almost 6 months now of my Matteo’s life- I think his doctor knows me well enough that at the end of her required tests and check lists, she sits down and says ” ok, what questions did you bring for me today ? “

Yes, I still sit in the backseat with my son while my husband is driving. Yes, I still sleep with the monitor literally next to my face and continue to run in his room at least twice a night just to get a closer look and to see him breathing up close. Yes, I listen to every guideline and rule book out there.  My doctor’s advice and opinions are like the bible to me. Yes, I jump 10 feet in the air and suffer mini-heart attacks when Matteo coughs or cries really hard or makes a new sound. Yes, I read book after book and article after article on the newest philosophies on child care and ways to always stimulate your baby’s mind and help develop the smartest babies. Yes, I read a new book to my son every single day even though he can’t possible understand any of it yet. Yes, I constantly ask questions to other moms, to my mother and my mother-in-law, constantly ask my doctor if the way I’m doing something is right, constantly over-think and worry and stress if I’m doing a good job and if others think I’m doing a good job. 

Yes, I’m that girl. I’ve always been. Of course I like to think I’m not – but I’ve always been a please-approve-of-what-I’m-doing girl. I’m a student down to the bone. I read, I analyze, I research everything. Having my first baby brings it out in me even more. There’s not one item in my house for my son that I have not researched thoroughly and hmmed and hawed over before buying.  Preparing my registry for my baby shower was like a full -time job. I drove my husband crazy, my sister crazy, my best friends crazy, my cousins crazy. I did not stop. I needed to have the very best, the most practical, the safest, the cutest, and I needed to be very sure before adding anything to the registry. 

I downloaded app after app after app during my pregnancy to ensure I was doing all I could do, that I was finding out everything there was to know about my child’s development and growth. I bought one of those at-home heartbeat monitors to check on the baby and I did it more times then I’d like to admit. I just had to make sure he was safe. My own personal angel that was sent to me from heaven. You bet I was going to do anything and everything I could to protect him and keep him safe. After all, I have been waiting for him all my life.

So yes , I am a first-time mom and I’m a little crazy. I’m a little irrational. I’m a little over-bearing and over-protective . So what. It’s more like a badge of honor to me, than a scarlet letter . I wear it loud and proud. I am proud that I am new at this, proud that I want to give my son the very best life has to offer, proud that I would move heaven and earth to give him anything he needs, proud that I would walk through fire to keep him safe and protected, and proud that I’m doing a damn good job for a rookie, if I do say so myself.  



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8 responses to “Mommy see, Mommy do

  1. Donna Contraveos

    Nothing wrong with that Lisa you are good mom you needs to just calm down take one day at a time and remember no one is perfect raising a child it will get easier with the second one because you just can’t do what you did with the first so appreciate the love the time and all the ashes moments because they grow up so fast so just relax and enjoy being a mother to Mateo. Asking questions are what make you learn and experience is what makes a good mother but the most important is hold him dearly and love him forever

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  2. Jamie Szumanski

    Most baby books are a wide variety of opinions. The best that you could ever do is just follow your instinct and prepare for those crazy changes and challenges of motherhood. I can’t wait to see how you handle terrible two’s.

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  3. Natalie Tyrrell

    I’m sure you are doing a great job! I was obsessed with my video monitor too (always checking it) and still am with the third child! (some things never change).

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  4. Mary Jo Sommario

    You are a great mother and I can see it by the way Matteo is always looking for you when someone else is holding him. He always has a big smile for his mommy. You are also a great writer. I only wish I could express myself as well as you do. You have a great talent. Love, Your Mommy Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:44:12 +0000 To:


  5. Jessica

    This was awesome Lee! You’re a great mom, crazy and all! 🙂


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